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Events from the year 1950 in Canada.



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  • January 14 - The first non-stop trans-Canada flight is made
  • February 14 - Nancy Hodges of British Columbia becomes the first woman in the Commonwealth elected speaker of a legislature in Canadian history.
  • Early May - The Winnipeg Flood along the Red River causes immense damage and one death in Winnipeg
  • May 29 - The St. Roch becomes the first vessel to circumnavigate North America
  • August 7 - Canada joins a United Nations force to fight in Korean War
  • August 22 – August 30 - Rail workers strike shuts down much of the Canadian economy
  • October 31 - The oil pipeline linking Edmonton to Sarnia is completed
  • November 28 - Canada joins onto the Colombo Plan
  • December 18 - Korean War: First Canadian troops arrive in Korea.

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John Manley

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Jack Layton

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Dennis Fentie

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William Lyon Mackenzie King

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