1 New York Place

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1 New York Place
1 New York Place.svg
General information
StatusNever built
LocationFinancial District
New York City
Coordinates40°42′38″N 74°00′32″W / 40.7106°N 74.009°W / 40.7106; -74.009Coordinates: 40°42′38″N 74°00′32″W / 40.7106°N 74.009°W / 40.7106; -74.009
CostUSD $680 million[1]
Roof1,050 feet (320 m)[2]
Technical details
Floor count90[2]
Floor area1.3 million square feet (121,000 square meters)
Design and construction
ArchitectKohn Pedersen Fox Associates PC[2]

1 New York Place was super tall skyscraper that was proposed in 2002 that would rise 1,050 feet (350 meters) tall and would have ninety floors. The Tower was supposed to be located in New York City’s Financial District; it would take up an entire block on Broadway where Fulton Street and John Street meet, but the project was canceled.[1]

Underneath the suggested location of the 1 New York Place another project was proposed.[1] According to Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and The New York Times, the project would be the building of an underground transit hub proposed by Metropolitan Transportation Authority with a projected building cost of $2 billion.[1] The Metropolitan Transportation Authority would have been a partner with their proposed transit hub at the location.[1]

Trevor Davis is a project developer from South Africa who was very optimistic throughout the beginning phases of the proposed 90 story sky scraper, despite the tension in New York only a year after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.[1]

Abby Rosen and Michael Fuchs are investing partners and co-founders of RFR Holding.[3] Before the cancellation of the project the two investors were set to be partnered up with Trevor Davis in the build of 1 New York Place.

The tower was designed by Kohn Pederson Fox and projected to cost $680 million.[1] It would have 1.3 million square feet (121,000 square meters) of floor space, allocating 679,000 square feet of floor space to be occupied by business owners and small companies.[1] The Building would also offer 68 floors of apartment space for residents looking to live in the Financial District of Manhattan.[1]


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