Berg im Donaugau Abbey

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Berg im Donaugau Abbey (in German Kloster Berg im Donaugau) was a house of the Benedictine Order located somewhere in the area of Berg im Gau in Bavaria in Germany.


It was founded between 768 and 772 by Wolchanhard, a nobleman, as a private monastery for his family. Wolchanhard, previously a monk at Salzburg, was also the first abbot. It was dedicated to the Holy Saviour (Sankt Salvator). After the fall of Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria and the end of the Agilolfinger dynasty in 788, Wolchanhardt put the monastery under the protection of Charlemagne.

A deed of 18 May 875 records the gift by King Louis the German to the Alte Kapelle ("Old Chapel") in Regensburg, which he himself had built, of this monastery. After the invasion of the Hungarians in the 10th century there is no further record of its existence, and even its exact site is now unknown.


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