Bettembourg railway station

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Coordinates: 49°30′55″N 06°06′07″E / 49.51528°N 6.10194°E / 49.51528; 6.10194

Bettembourg station sign

Bettembourg railway station (Luxembourgish: Gare Beetebuerg, French: Gare de Bettembourg, German: Bahnhof Bettemburg) is a railway station serving Bettembourg, in southern Luxembourg. It is operated by Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois, the state-owned railway company.

The station is situated on Line 60, which connects Luxembourg City to the Red Lands of the south of the country. It is the main junction for Line 60, with the line splitting into three separate branches after Bettembourg.

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