Brot und Spiele

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Gladiator fights at Brot & Spiele

Brot und Spiele (German for bread and games) is Germany's biggest Roman festival, annually held in Germany's oldest city, Trier. The festival takes place at two of the city's Roman monuments: the Amphitheatre hosts theatre performances that include many gladiator fights and the Imperial Baths are used to display the civil and military life in the vicus.

In 2006 the festival was one of the winners of the "Germany - land of ideas" award.

The 2007 festival was from 10 to 12 August 2007 and, as Trier celebrated the 'Constantine year', Constantine the Great played an important role as - the Gladiator Show dealt with gladiator fights and intrigues at his wedding in Trier (in the year 307) and the mystic night was inspired by the mysterious death of his wife Fausta.

In 2008 the festival took place from 15 to 17 August, the show in the amphitheatre will deal with an old legend from Trier: the deadly competition between the builder of the amphitheatre and the builder of the aqueduct.

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