Chullpa Urqu

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Chullpa Urqu
Chullpa Urqu is located in Bolivia
Chullpa Urqu
Chullpa Urqu
Location within Bolivia
Highest point
Elevation3,540 m (11,610 ft) [1]
Coordinates19°10′49″S 65°22′00″W / 19.18028°S 65.36667°W / -19.18028; -65.36667Coordinates: 19°10′49″S 65°22′00″W / 19.18028°S 65.36667°W / -19.18028; -65.36667
Chuquisaca Department
Parent rangeAndes

Chullpa Urqu (Quechua chullpa stone tomb, burial tower, urqu mountain,[2] "chullpa mountain", also spelled Chullpa Orkho) is a mountain in the Bolivian Andes which reaches a height of approximately 3,540 m (11,610 ft). It is located in the Chuquisaca Department, Oropeza Province, Yotala Municipality.[1][3]


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