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Cook Islands permanent residents are residents of the Cook Islands who hold permanent residency visas and who are not ethnic Cook Islanders.

By law, a maximum of 650 Cook Islands Permanent Residence certificates may be in effect at any one moment (excluding certificates issued to spouses of Cook Islanders or Cook Islands permanent residents who have been married for at least five years). Therefore, after applying for permanent residency in the Cook Islands, a person may have to wait for a length of time before a Permanent Residence certificate is issued to him or her.


A person who fulfils the following criteria is eligible to apply for permanent residency in the Cook Islands:

  • Resided in the Cook Islands for the past 10 years (or, for New Zealand citizens, the past three years); and
  • Has made a significant and positive contribution to and/or investment in the Cook Islands (particularly in terms of skills, expertise, community work or financial investment).

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