Glória, Rio de Janeiro

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Glória is located in Rio de Janeiro
Location in Rio de Janeiro
Glória is located in Brazil
Glória (Brazil)
Coordinates: 22°55′15″S 43°10′25″W / 22.92083°S 43.17361°W / -22.92083; -43.17361Coordinates: 22°55′15″S 43°10′25″W / 22.92083°S 43.17361°W / -22.92083; -43.17361
Country Brazil
StateRio de Janeiro (RJ)
Municipality/CityRio de Janeiro
ZoneSouth Zone
The Nossa Senhora da Glória do Outeiro (Our Lady of the Glory of the Hill) church, at Glória, with Christ the Redeemer statue in the background.
Marina da Glória (left)

Glória is a middle-class neighborhood of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is located between the neighbourhoods of Centro and Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro.


In the 16th century, the base of Glória Hill was the site of a Tupí people village called Karioca. This village gave the name of the modern demonym of the city: carioca.[1]

In the 17th century, the Nossa Senhora da Glória do Outeiro church was built, at the peak of Glória Hill.[2] A 3 ft (914 mm) narrow gauge funicular[3] railway, first opened in 1945,[4] is employed to take visitors to the top of the hill.

In 1979, the Marina da Glória was inaugurated.[5]


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