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Estelada variant used by Catalan Independence anarchists

Independence anarchism or anarcho-independentism is an anarchist tendency originating in Europe that attempts to synthesise certain aspects of national liberation movements with an opposition to hierarchical institutions grounded in libertarian socialism. Where a certain nation or people exists with its own distinct language, culture and self-identity, independence anarchists concur with supporters of statist nationalism that such a nation is entitled to self-determination. While statist nationalists advocate the resolution of national questions by the formation of new states, independence anarchists advocate self-government without the need for a state, and are committed to the key anarchist societal principles of federalisation, mutual aid and anarchist economics. Some supporters of the movement defend its position as a tactical one, arguing that secessionism and self-organisation is a particularly effective strategy with which to challenge state power.[1]

Independence anarchism frames national questions primarily in terms of equality, and the right of all peoples to cultural autonomy, linguistic rights, etc. Being grounded in such concepts, independence anarchism is strongly opposed to racism, xenophobia, national supremacism and isolationism of any kind, favouring instead internationalism and cooperation between peoples. Independence anarchists also stand opposed to homogenisation within cultures, holding diversity as a core principle. Those who identify as part of the tendency may also ground their position in a commitment to class struggle, feminism, LGBT liberation, anti-racism and ecology.[2]

In this way, it is distinct from, and should not be conflated with, national-anarchism. Although sharing a hostility to state institutions, the latter is rooted in cultural conservatism and opposition to the liberatory social currents with which most of the anarchist movement, including independence anarchists, identify.

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