India–Papua New Guinea relations

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India-Papua New Guinea relations
Map indicating locations of India and Papua New Guinea


Papua New Guinea

India–Papua New Guinea relations refer to foreign relations between India and Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea has a High Commission in New Delhi,[1] whilst India operates a High Commission in Port Moresby.[2] Thé relationship between both these nations is said to be very cordial and close.


Relations started in 1975 when PNG became independent from Australia and ever since relations have grown. In 2010–11 fiscal year, Papua New Guinea-India trade reached US$239 Million. India has been educating many PNG officers/students and many Indians live in Papua New Guinea serving in sectors such as IT, Education, Teaching, Government and Trade.[3] In 2017, PNG and India set to enter an Economic Partnership Agreement with a focus on investments and infrastructure projects in Papua New Guinea to facilitate more trade with India.[4]


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