List of steamed foods

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This is a list of steamed foods and dishes that are typically or commonly prepared by the cooking method of steaming.

Steamed foods[edit]

A Chinese steamed egg with shrimp, asparagus and broth
Nasi tim in Jakarta, Indonesia


Buns and rolls[edit]


Idli in steaming molds

Confectionery and sweets[edit]


  • Chawanmushi – (茶碗蒸し,Chawanmushi, literally "tea cup steam" or "steamed in a tea bowl"), an egg custard dish found in Japan.[9]


Varieties of steamed siomay: tofu, potatoes, cabbages, bitter gourd and eggs


Half of a steamed cheeseburger


Sliced moin moin

Rice cakes[edit]

Puto in banana leaves

Some varieties of rice cakes are steamed.


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