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Sinustrombus sinuatus

Sinustrombus sinuatus, the laciniate conch, is a species of marine gastropod mollusc in the family Strombidae. It is native to the tropical Indo-Pacific region, where it lives on the seabed at depths down to about 20 m (66 ft).

This photograph shows apertural (left) and dorsal (right) views of an empty S. sinuatus shell, 83 mm (3.3 in) in length, which may have washed up on a beach. In life, the aperture would be closed by a horny operculum when the animal was not feeding on algae or detritus, or moving about. The operculum and the finger-like processes on the lip of the shell can be used to right itself when it has been overturned, and the operculum and muscular foot are used to flip itself along, in locomotion or defence.

Photograph credit: George Chernilevsky

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